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Dialysis RO System

Dialysis RO System

Dialysis RO System

Banking on the skills of our qualified team of professionals, we are engaged in presenting Dialysis RO System. This Dialysis RO System is mainly used in the separation of large molecules from solvent. This RO system is made by using sharp edge technology and quality approved material.

UF application areas:

1. Medical pure water exposed to, in addition to the original heat, the separation of drug concentration

2. Electrophoresis paint recycling and water reuse

3. Polysaccharides (ganoderma, lucidum, grifola frondosa, mushrooms, etc.) substances purified, concentrated

4. Antibiotics, amino acids, VC and other fermented liquid purification, separation

5. Traditional chinese medicine (bupleurum, salvia, baicalin, etc) injection purified active ingredient – Separation

6. Milk, juice, vegetables juice, clarify enrichment

7. Soya protein, oligo-saccharides, isoflavones, and other extraction, concentration

8. Fluorescent whitening agent desalination, concentration

9. Animals and plants (aloe, momordica grosvenori, tea, etc) extract active ingredients

10. PVA in the textile resizing wastewater reuse, recycling fibre processing oil, wool scouring wastewater recycling lanolin

11. The semiconductor industry ultra pure water, cleaning water terminal handling IC

12. Preparation of mineral water, drinking water purification and reverse osmosis

The advantages of our UF equipment:

1. Separation at room temperature

2. Energy saving and low equipment cost

3. Low driving force in membrane separation provides convenience in processing

4. Continuous processing

5. No physical phase changes

6. High efficient separation